RIPO railings in modern apartment building projects in Sweden

News from Stockholm, the capital city of Sweden, where RIPO railings are now installed in new apartment buildings. Both projects are very different and, therefore, the same can be said about the structure of our railings. Each solution is unique – designed and manufactured according to an individual order in line with specifications of each project. All structural railing solutions were produced by RIPO according to the architect’s idea. In this case, there were two types of structures:

- black metal railings, painted yellow and filled with metal mesh;
- stainless steel railings with glass filling.

Balconies in an apartment building are an added-value not only for the apartments but also for the overall architecture of the building. The railings are an external element and, therefore, require visual appeal, excellent functionality, and safety in line with international standards. RIPO’s experience and individual approach to each project make sure that all of the above factors turn into reality.

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