RIPO aluminium railings, framless balustrades, partition walls and blinds in French apartment buildings.

We have finished working on two ambitious projects in France installing large quantities of RIPO railings. The apartment buildings are located in a picturesque landscape where the building architecture is complemented by RIPO products.

The project mostly incorporates painted aluminium railings with strong structural, functional and safety features, while the elegance of the project is clearly shown by the ascetic solution of framless balustrades. The building balconies use partition walls, a great solution for zoning and privacy. The project also makes the best of using aluminium blinds both protecting against direct sunlight and looking aesthetically appealing

However, we are not done with France yet as we continue working on many other projects with new challenges. Furthermore, the range of products by RIPO will soon hold a completely new type of railings. Follow our news and learn more.


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