8 interior trends for your house in 2019

2019 trends bring sophisticated and saturated colors, expressive materials, and brave combinations. Since the trends change on a rapid pace, it is important to create sustainable combinations.

Natural materials.

The range of materials and production technologies still come up with myriad of novelties, broadening the assortment of products. A designer who is a professional in the field will be the best placed to help you to find your way around in the assortment and pick the solutions most suitable for you. This year’s trends are dominated by natural materials or imitations thereof as well as metals – wood, leather, clay, stone quartz, black quartz, gold-covered details, and brass. All of these materials are available in different varieties, unusual types of processing and applications. For example, even clay objects can become central objects in a room.

Queens of colors.

Pantone Color Institute has declared that the color of the year 2019 will be  PANTONE 16-1546 Living Coral with sparkling dynamics, life, and positive energy. This color symbolizes optimism and happiness and, therefore, use of this color in interior design will give the right atmosphere in the room.

Whereas color experts from PPG has declared that  Night Watch  will be the color of 2019. This is a great alternative to black or grey. Nightwatch is saturated and looks great. The color goes well with shiny materials and elements. Furthermore, the color can also be integrated in a room with various design elements, e.g. green carpet with light shining on it; furthermore, the charms of the color can also be used for textiles.

The harmonious earthy palette also returns to the interior trends with additional neutral and rich grey and beige color combinations.


Multifunctional planning and furniture trends move ahead on a rapid pace. When it comes to urbanization, a well though-out and functional planning, colorful and modern details are more important than ever – movable walls, transformable furniture, and other intriguing solutions, highlighting the urban design idea. This is the main trend of 2019 where even the smallest rooms have practical applications and highlight lightness of space.

Compact furniture.

Multi-functional, small and well-considered furniture fit the best in a modern and dynamic rhythm of life. Therefore, just allow yourself to be immersed in an adaptable furniture design, well-suited for various rooms, with excellent functionality and a promise to make the room adventurous. There will be rounded lines in this year’s furniture trends. RIPO designers have excellent knowledge on the current trends of furniture design; therefore, we invite you to seek a consultation to learn answers to your design questions.

Expressive surfaces.

The role of design does not go down, on the contrary – it constantly grows. Therefore, design of each minor detail is important, including surfaces. It is expected that 2019 will bring popularity to composite materials, marble, quartz, and granite motives with shiny parts, giving playfulness to everything, going hand-in-hand with design topicalities and best suiting those who enjoy the life to the fullest!

Ceiling with added value.

There is much discussion on wall solutions, decorations, furniture design, and ornaments, but the flow of information on ceilings is significantly smaller. But not this year! This year’s trends suggest highlighting ceilings. Painted, varnished ceilings, unusual ornaments, open structures across ceilings give the room an intriguing added value. An elegant and modern luminaire also is equally important. It must be remembered that ceiling solutions optically can affect overall specifications of a room, e.g. ceiling height.

Geometrical and ethnical ornaments.

Geometrical ornaments never lose their importance, but ethnical motives gradually seep into interior design every 10-15 years. And this is the year when ethnical motives again become topical! Since interior is mostly a long-term investment, it is wiser to rely on stable values. However, ethnical decorations also have their meaning and value. There are no too many limits nowadays and therefore people learn and expose themselves to other cultures which can also reflect in interior. One must follow the latest trends, but let’s not get carried away! It will be enough to have ethnical inscriptions on, e.g. pillows, bedsheets, canvas or other accessories of a room.

Yes to wallpapers.

Sophisticated wallpapers in interior design make the room look elegant. Wallpapers next year will serve as a brave accent with a message. Therefore, the range of popular geometrical patterns will be supplemented with fish, birds, bugs and other nature motives.



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