Smart interior choice – a built-in closet with sliding doors

Closets with sliding doors never lose their appeal. Trends may change but basics stay the same. The variety of products increases and diversifies. A closet with sliding doors is a long-term investment and, therefore, it is of paramount importance to assemble a solution which best suits your habits, taste and spatial configuration. Mārtiņš Kanders, a furniture and interior designer from RIPO fabrika, tells us more about diversity of products, accessory options and tricks.

When thinking about buying a closet and its integration in the interior design, what are the main things we must pay attention to?

You must learn your space and get to know it from possibly unconventional perspectives. The most important thing is to understand that a room and every single piece in there have their own dimensions which must be respected if you ever wish to get a harmonic ensemble. Mārtiņš argues that these topics come up a lot when starting collaboration with a new client, architect, designer or planner. Because this is the only way how to get a solution which fits into a room where every single element function perfectly. It must be noted that each closet produced by RIPO fabrika is unique and, therefore, it is adjusted for a specific spatial configuration and parameters, keeping in mind that a closet is a long-term investment.


Are there any limitations preventing from implementing such solutions in a room?

I would like to speak more about cases where it is truly easy to integrate our solutions. For example, owners of new housing projects find it truly easy to integrate in their dwellings a closet with sliding doors, because architects of such housings have already designed a special place for such a solution. When talking about closet system in the spatial planning of a house, the designer reminds – the sooner you plan the closet, the easier it will be to introduce the closet later on thanks to a clear vision and spatial configuration. However, this does not mean that built-in closets with sliding doors are suitable only for new building projects; on the contrary – this system can be introduced in practically every space according to a client’s wishes – in straight rooms, slanted rooms, niches and mansards.


What are the design options for a closet and sliding doors?

There are differences between the design of a closet and sliding doors. The design of a closet is mostly based on facade elements and accessories, whereas the design of sliding doors depend on the design of the frame (profile design) and middle part (filling). It is very important for a client to be able to see and get a feel of the complete range of materials in person in our salon – not only through a catalogue.

The variations of material designs are so diverse that one can opt to choose harmonious solutions which ascetically fit in the interior design or more daring combinations which will never go unnoticed. The designer points out that it is not necessary for materials of the built-in closet and sliding doors to be similar – contrasting and expressive solutions are possible by combining different materials and integrating accents.

When talking about availability, compatibility of materials and design variations, the designer argues that it is possible to assemble a set of furniture too. You can use materials already used in the closet or sliding doors for your nightstands, small chests of drawers or shelves.

It also noteworthy that sliding doors can be used not only for closets but also for partition walls or separation systems. However, one must keep in mind that sliding doors are not a completely isolating solution.


What are the latest trends in the design of closets and sliding doors?

The latest trends show matted materials, tinted and decorative glazing. Customers also often pick middle filling of sliding doors with a printed surface, but the printed materials are no longer photos but instead stylistic ornaments, various motives and geometrical shapes. Prints are special accents in the interior which can be easily integrated along with the sliding doors.

LED lighting in a closet or sliding doors is also trending. The designer admits that interest in lighting is currently peaking. Customers mostly choose LED integration in furniture because they feel the need for additional background lighting. This surely also gives attractive visual effect, good visibility in the closet and cosy overall atmosphere.


Please tell more about the diversity of accessories and materials offered by RIPO!

First of all, I wish to make it clear that all furniture by RIPO are made of the highest quality materials by the leading European manufacturers – EGGER, Blum, Raumplus and others. Our use of high-quality materials allows us to offer long operational period – with a precondition that a customer uses the furniture in a proper manner in line with the manufacturer’s instructions. One can opt to pick laminate, MDF, classical, decorative and tinted mirrors, deco, Exo middle fillings, decorative grids Venezia and others. Whereas among other accessories customers can select clothes bars, drawers with various mechanisms, trouser and tie holders, wireless lighting, baskets, handles, shoe shelves and others


What are the main advantages and uses of closets and sliding doors by RIPO?

When asked why customers should pick a closet with sliding doors, Mārtiņš answers that the answer is as clear as day. The sliding doors are moved on a single surface and there is no need for additional space for leaf. As a result, sliding doors are an efficient solution which practically does not reduce the area of the room. In case you do not have enough space for sliding the doors, you can select folding doors.

Whereas RIPO closet systems offer individual solutions, qualitative materials and wide range of accessories. This is an investment which will allow you to benefit from the functionality and appeal in long-term.

Furthermore, RIPO fabrika is a local manufacturer from Latvia.


What would you suggest to somebody who is considering buying a closet and/or sliding doors?


First, to get the best solution, I encourage people to have an honest discussion with themselves and answer some questions. What do I want? What functions will benefit my habits? What is my vision and what are my expectations? What do I expect from the purchase? After answering these questions, we will find a common language and be best placed to carry out your ideas.


Second, although remote communication and offers are available, designer Mārtiņš argues that it is best to come to the salon in person and select the components which are best suited for your ideas. The design is only one side of the coin and one should also consider comfort. Not always things you like in a catalogue you will find as much pleasing in person – everything can vary from person-to-person. Therefore, Mārtiņš invites to go to a saloon where everything can be seen, touched and tried to be sure that you make your choices without any shadow of a doubt.


You can meet designer Mārtiņš who can be proud of his rich experience in designing closets and sliding doors in RIPO showroom at 11 Katlakalna Street. Welcome!

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