Contemporary and inspiring material palettes for interior design

RIPO is proud of its vast range of materials and interior elements, but the company’s knowledgeable, professional and experienced designers showing great expertise in finding their way around the exceptional range of materials and decorative elements and most trendy tendencies in the field is a source of even greater sense of accomplishment. Here our designer Evgenia presents tasteful material palettes for interior design.

The choice of materials and tonality sets the overall mood and atmosphere in the room. Therefore, choosing the right colors and materials is crucial in creating your interior. And this is where an advice from an experienced designer who helps with finding your way around the materials comes in handy!

The designer’s palettesare full of daring, contemporary, and tasteful combinations, suitable for kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms and other interiors. Evgenia’s material palettesincorporate furniture laminate samples, furniture handles, artificial stone samples, wallpaper samples by world-renowned brands, and textiles.

You are welcome to visit RIPO showroom at 14 Lacplesa Street where our designer will give you professional suggestions. Create your perfect interior paletteson-site by the use of high-quality materials and elements.

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