On your way to a new kitchen! Organizing kitchen accessories.

A kitchen is much more than simply cabinets on the wall. A kitchen is a functional and ergonomic space where you can cook with ease, access everything you require and put all the things back in their rightful place. A kitchen can also have its own character and certain appeal developed along with the kitchen design, mostly in close cooperation with the designer. The character of the space and furniture design is shaped by the selected materials, accessories, colour combinations, decorations, factures, and other elements. It gives great pleasure to work in a carefully planned kitchen!

Series of stories “On your way to a new kitchen” developed with RIPO designers and furniture engineers will allow you to learn advices which might come in handy when planning a new kitchen. Follow RIPO news and learn useful advices, latest information from the industry, and design trends.

All these benefits and comforts are aided by the selection of the right kitchen accessories. This becomes especially crucial when organizing the kitchen.


Drawers are the most common organizational accessories. Your items in drawers will be on display and easily accessible. In pull-out drawers that can be fully opened, even things at the very end of the drawers will be accessible. You can also use in the drawers internal organization systems which will aid you in maintaining the order and organizing everything in the field of sight:

-          organization systems for tableware and small items,

-          separators for deep drawers,

-          holders for plates, plastic film for food, folium, knifes etc.

-          width of drawers: 300 - 1200 mm.

When installing drawers in the upper cabinets, the main benefit is a spacious and clear storage space with an easy access. You can use fitting organization systems and separators in these drawers too.


When planning a kitchen, you often need to find a solution for corners and narrow spaces where you cannot fit a cabinet with doors or drawers. In cases like these, basket systems come in handy to efficiently plan the space and use every centimetre of the space available.

LeMans Carousel shelves:

-          load capacity of each shelve: 25 kg,

-          each shelve can be pulled out separately,

-          noiseless and smooth movements.

Pull-out baskets:

-          for bottles and spices,

-          for bottles and towels,

-          minimum width: 150 mm.

Column baskets:

-          easily accessible contents,

-          height 1400 - 2200 mm,

-          width 300 mm.


The kitchen wall cabinets commonly use facade opening principle by lifting the doors. The facades with lifting mechanism are handy for the users, are easy-to-use and close without any noise. You will have a clear access to the contents of the cabinet. Lifting mechanism series AVENTOS by BLUM hold several models with different opening movements. All models can be equipped with SERVO-DRIVE system automatically opening and closing the facade.

Aventos HF mechanism for foldable facades:

-          lifts up and moves behind the wall cabinet,

-          facade width: up to 1800 mm,

-          facade height: 480 - 1040 mm.

Aventos HK TOP mechanism for lifting facades:

-          facade lifts up,

-          can be also used with a cornice and decorative panels,

-          facade width: up to 1800 mm,

-          facade height: 205 - 600 mm.

Aventos HL mechanism for lifting facade:

-          facade width: up to 1800 mm,

-          facade height: 300 - 580 mm,

-          facade lifts up, parallel to the housing,

-          ideal for housings in or above niches.

Aventos HS mechanism for lifting facades:

-          facade width: up to 1800 mm,

-          facade height: 350 - 800 mm,

-          facade lifts above the housing,

-          can be used with a cornice and decorative panels.


The range of accessories for organizational needs is very vast and includes many solutions. Experienced designers from RIPO will help you to purchase the most suitable accessories and find your way around in the vast range of products.  On your way to a new kitchen with RIPO!

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