With a sideboard through the ancient industrial area of Riga.

Three-year anniversary since RIPO started to manufacture sideboards... This quickly became a steppingstone for the creative team to take a step towards the unusual: untamed design, classic notes, attention, story, inspiration, trends, industrial environment, design, contrasts and more, and more... These are just a few keywords materializing the idea into something very real, tangible and enjoyable. Sideboard with a rather noticeable design, the nature of which was clearly reflected in one of the historically oldest industrial areas of Riga.

The essence of RIPO sideboard  Armado Special Edition was reflected in a building of the industrial complex, designed by one of the most prominent engineers of the 19th century, Edmund von Trompowski. There are so many stories, so many textures and so many monumental testimonies in the building, literally surrounded by vibrations. Therefore, it seemed natural to indulge in the charm of such an environment and integrate into it our untamed, newly created sideboard.

One of countless.

The design for our anniversary sideboard is just one of many options. The Contempo furniture series holds more than 25 models with custom-made designs. Armado Special Edition combines classic, modern and iconic Pop Art, preserving the functionality and essence of the furniture. Each chest of drawers is unique - from material combinations, facade solutions, to handles and legs. RIPO gives solutions to ideas!

More innovative offer.

The Armado Special Edition sideboard is an anniversary project, enriching the RIPO range of products. RIPO showrooms now offer full-colour UV printing on furniture materials. This is a way to completely personalize the furniture facade or create a themed design. Thanks to the unique properties of the technology, the image is printed on the material with the highest accuracy, guaranteeing an excellent result, even on textured materials. This is how classical design notes connect with modern and contemporary industry trends.


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