A discovery for tomorrow: 5 interior design trends to be introduced in your home in 2021

Every year brings new challenges in career, way of living, habits, everyday life, as well as in interior design trends. Design trends in 2021 show sophisticated and saturated tones, expressive materials, bold accents, and also harmonious compositions.

1.   Manifestation of grey

2021 promises to be the year of triumph for the colour of grey. Gray is not just gray when it is interlaced with pastel tones or complemented by saturated tones. Gray palette will encourage you to choose brighter accents and bolder interior elements.

2.   Rustic motifs in modern dressing

A combination of things of old and new. This trend highlights the comfort, feeling of home and nostalgic touch, dressed in a modern shell. It is a new interpretation of classical values emphasizing the design objects, furniture or typical materials of the past.

3.   Welcoming nature in home

Strengthening the bond between man and nature. This is a decor trend based on the presence of nature in home. From natural and organic materials to an exaggerated amount of plants, plant motifs, green walls, exotic and safari breezes in interior decor and planes. It is a design reminiscent of living outside in harmony and peace with nature.

4.   When people care for environment and environment care for people

In interior design, more and more attention is paid to ecological, environmentally friendly solutions and the use of recycled materials in production. Everything does not have to be at the expense of the environment! It is a global trend – friendly solutions and corporate social responsibility. Therefore, the use of environmentally friendly materials and fabrics dominates in the interior. In addition, it is important to create sustainable solutions when the current situation changes rapidly.

5.   New 80s

Striking and noticable compositions inspired by contemporary Art Deco, Pop Art and Kitsch. The trends of the 80s will return with playful shapes, bold and expressive textures and saturated colors in both decor and furniture. This will be balanced by pervasive modernism reminding us that less is more.

Time is flying fast

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