Modern aluminum railing solutions in a private housing project in Sweden

Every railing project by RIPO is unique as it is developed according to the customer's wishes and project specifications. These factors are especially important when it comes to developing railing systems for a private housing. Customers want to receive a solution customized to the architecture of their private houses, which looks and functions perfectly. This can also be said about our project in Sweden.

Modern railings for modern architecture. RIPO railing specialists have developed a combined solution for the specific project where painted aluminum railing series 100 is supplemented by an enclosing non-standard metal structure with a perforated and expanded steel mesh filling. The design of the aluminum railing series 100 is modern and laconic, but the non-standard metal structural design brings out its best features and complements both the design of the railing solution and the overall visual appeal of the building.

In addition, these solutions are made of segments that greatly facilitate the logistics processes and assembly works on site.


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