One of the largest RIPO railing projects in Riga

Delighted by the work done on a domestic project. RIPO railing solutions in Residential Block Lofts & Rosegold, Riga. Residential Block Lofts & Rosegold is a display of architectural art of two eras – a vivid example of an interplay of art from different times, where the old building is given the role of a gemstone while the new one serves as a glamorous casing embodying the beauty of Loft.

Working with residential block architects and construction professionals, RIPO railing craftsmen and designers have combined the technical, attractive and functional elements into an excellent ensemble that greatly fits with the architecture of the building. The buildings in the residential block are fitted with RIPO painted aluminium railings AL 155, framless balustrades, French railings and balcony partitions. Each model is fully customized to the specifics of the project so that the result is truly remarkable.

Philosophy behind Lofts & Rosegold buildings:

All expressions of human life interact and are interconnected. They combine Scandinavian-style and joyful life philosophies filling this project with harmony and togetherness. Here, architectural styles of different eras discover and complement each other.


Individual solutions:

Each RIPO railing project is unique in that it is tailored to the specifics of the project, the architecture and the customer's design. RIPO railing design consultants advise and develop solutions for a wide variety of projects.

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