Kitchen Integra

The most characteristic feature of Kitchen Integra is the flow handles, the profiles of which are embedded in the plane. This elegant design solution creates an appealing, spacious and harmonious kitchen design. The design trends evolve so as to enhance comfort, simplicity, practicality and look truly appealing.

These trends reflect both in the look and everyday application of the flow handles. It is worthwhile to go with technological innovations by choosing furniture that facilitates work in the kitchen, makes it more enjoyable and helps to save our precious time on daily basis. This kitchen furniture series features smooth planes, simple shapes and practical, elegant materials. Each furniture in this series features an efficient and thought-out organization of drawers, baskets, shelves, dividers and other equipment. Kitchen series Integra has an expressive and highly thought-out design suitable for true lovers of sophistication. In cooperation with RIPO designers, intentions of  the customers are realized, which results in an excellent set of kitchen furniture.

RIPO offers three series of kitchen furniture, which are distinguished by high quality, modern design and technological solutions. The kitchen should be not only practical and functional, but also beautiful and elegant.