Dust off, feel the room, and create a brilliant kitchen. Conversation with RIPO designer Agita.

A designer, capable of encouraging and creating, is the true sorcerer hiding behind each project. The RIPO team has more than 10 furniture and interior designers who every day develop for their clients remarkable furniture designs – kitchen furniture, built-in cabinets, household furniture, and other. This time let’s have a conversation with Agita, a RIPO furniture and interior designer, addressing current solutions used in the design of RIPO kitchen furniture line Integra.

Agita constantly surprises with a creative approach to work. Her own personality is best reflected by her designs where her experience combines creative solutions, functionality and modern approach along with perfect combination of beautiful materials, forms and technologies. This is never the easiest road, but her results speak for themselves.

Here is our conversation with Agita.

Agita, where do you get your ideas and what inspires you to develop exactly these designs? What are the core values of your designs? Do you have a project of which you are especially proud?

Before I start working on a project, it is important for me to get to know the client a little better, because a kitchen – much like clothes – must fit well, a person must like it and it should feel comfortable. Therefore, I have always believed that everything must start with a conversation. A conversation about the client’s daily rhythm, family, habits, traditions, preferences, wishes, possibilities and so on. Although my extensive experience in interior design allows me to capture my client’s wishes in mid-thought and offer them what they desire according to my own vision, the work must be a two-way street and always based on seeking compromises. This interaction gives results.  It just happens that after each project I often maintain relationships with my clients because the whole process has brought us closer together.

Working on a project can be creative and unpredictable. Sometimes I contemplate on an idea for a week and then simply draw everything in couple of hours, but other times most of the things are clear after the initial conversation with the client. The core value of my designs is that I must like them too. I strive to create designs I wish to associate with my name. But I always bear in mind the client’s satisfaction. I do not accept or practice approach – one, two, three and done!

While working, I often encounter things to which I cannot agree, but I always respect my client’s wishes. We agree on everything. I cannot point out an individual project as especially significant to me because I feel responsible for all of them. But, surely, I most like projects where such factors as extent, taste and possibilities go hand-in-hand.

What are the most important advantages of RIPO kitchen furniture series Integra?

The fundamental principle of kitchen series Integra is dear to my heart. I have liked and used this line in my projects for many years now. Interestingly enough, such kitchen design solutions have not gone out of style, provided that you enjoy minimalism and asceticism. Integra advantages – no sharp elements in small rooms (external fittings, e.g. handles), but in larger rooms the handle line gives some sort of dynamics, improves and diversifies the overall design. And for last but not the least – it is truly easy to clean kitchens like these.

Please tell us what a customer should know before coming to a designer, that is, you?

A designer’s work is similar to any other services which you might get from a hairdresser, manicure, mechanic, psychologist or any other specialist. A designer invests knowledge, experience, and energy to develop an offer. I must say than many people do not appreciate this. But let’s leave this to each and every one of us individually. Good results depend on mutual cooperation, respect, and trust.


All designers have their own vision and specific approach to design. A customer must decide with which designer to collaborate, entrusting development of the design and management of various project stages. RIPO designer contacts are available here.

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