Lifestyle closets by RIPO

A closet is an integral part of every single housing. A correct and well-planned choice of your closet will bring positive changes to your daily routine. It is important to choose a closet supporting your habits with a design and functionality matching your personality. While you pay more attention to yourself, RIPO will make sure that your idea of a lifestyle closet comes into reality.

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Perfect closet for her

There is not a woman who has not dreamt or fantasized of a closet where you can see yourself in beautiful clothes in front of a mirror or simply have a good view of your wardrobe to quickly find what you need… That is possible! Closet as a separate room for dresses, blouses, jackets, pants, leisure clothes, accessories, trinkets, and other feminine essentials.

Bright idea

Make your day brighter by, let’s say, picking a closet with sliding doors and installed LED lighting. LED integration in furniture is a modern solution as shown by the latest design trends too. The lighting affects the overall atmosphere in the room and your mood. Adjust the lighting intensity and enjoy a comfortable room. This is a great alternative to extra luminaires in the room, without taking up any extra space. This is a solution inspiring a true passion in you!

Functional elegance

After making it sure that the closet suits your lifestyle, don’t forget about the design and make it not only visually appealing but highly functional too. A functional elegance is the true essence of a closet. This will become an added-value to your daily routines, taste, and habits as well as your housing. The closet design greatly depends on the choice of materials. Color, texture, thickness, material, glossy or matted surface, and other design factors. RIPO designers will help you not to get lost among these and other factors while seeking the best solution.

Charm of light

When contemplating lighting built in furniture, it quickly becomes apparent that lighting is more than simply light as it is responsible for atmosphere, expressive design, functionality, and your willingness to open the closet more often. Pay attention not only to outer looks of a closet but to interior too as it serves the interest of excellent functionality, tidiness, convenience, and systematic storage of clothes, footwear, and accessories. It is highly important to give your closet the correct planning and pick the required accessories. A well-lit and convenient contents of the closet will serve you good in the daily rush – everything will be on full display, up-to-date and at your fingertips.

Completeness of design

While looking for your lifestyle closet, you will find everything you seek at the RIPO salons – a high-class, individual-design closet with full service. Entrust your idea to true professionals! Completeness of RIPO design gives you a great closet and leads to a satisfied client who enjoys not only a consultation by an experienced expert but also a detailed project, professional design solution, and furniture made in Latvia which is then delivered to your doors and installed at the right place. While you pay more attention to yourself, we will make sure that your idea comes into reality.


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