Ergonomics – user-oriented space

Ergonomics is compliance of products and systems with the needs and abilities of people. One must pay attention to ergonomics of both individual products (furniture) and broader systems (furniture sets). One of the most important goals of ergonomics is to make products and systems work for people. When it comes to ergonomics, everything revolves around human.

The most important aspects in furniture ergonomics are structure and setup. Furniture is ergonomic when it is designed with accurate zoning, correct position height and placement. It must be noted that ergonomics is especially important for closets and kitchen furniture. Furniture and space serve better and more convenient when it is more people-friendly and everything is at your fingertips. Ergonomic planning reduces time for retrieving things and distance to be travelled as everything is easily reachable and placed where it must be.

A designer must professionally and properly consider all preconditions so that your space would serve functionally and be aesthetically pleasing.

How to develop ergonomic solutions at your home?

Define zones at your home. Allocate one or several functions to each zone.

Bearing in mind the functions defined based on zone configuration, plan your home functionally. All planning and furnishing must serve your daily habits. Nobody knows them better than you! This is how you can develop solutions making your day more convenient and movement – simple.

Consult our designers! Experienced designers at RIPO saloons will develop your furniture customized for your lifestyle and home!