On your way to a new kitchen. Kitchen planning ABC.

You can experience the principles of a practical RIPO kitchen through an efficient workflow, purposefully used space, and excellent movement. Convenient, dynamic and comfortable kitchen becomes a reality when one pays proper attention to these principles in the planning process. At the end of the day, a kitchen must fully fit the user’s needs. Information below lists couple of main principles not to be ignored when panning a new kitchen and taking care of the user’s wellbeing.

Kitchen-related facts.

-          People spend in their kitchen about 2 hours per day.

-          Kitchen drawers, cabinets and other systems are opened and closed about 80 times a day.

-          A person using the kitchen travels 1,500 km in 20 years. If the kitchen is not practical, the distance can double.

-          On average, items stored in the kitchen weight around 250 kg.

-          On average, kitchen houses items with overall volume of 2.1 cubic meters.

Work triangle. User-friendly movement.

The work triangle is a constant interaction in the kitchen between the space, movement, and workflow. First of all, a reduced distance allows saving time; second of all, this guarantees comfort for the user. At the very beginning of planning your kitchen, contemplate on the volume of elements and appliances, allowing you to organize your work triangle as efficiently as possible.

5 kitchen areas.

Product storage – Utensil storage – Product / dish washing – Product handling / preparation - Cooking.

To secure efficient results and convenient use of the kitchen space, these areas (and in this order) are of utmost importance. These areas are planned clockwise, but for left-handed people – the other way around. This will allow your work to take place in a logic order, with no unnecessary activities.

Ergonomic planning.

Why is this important? An effective workflow and ergonomic planning reduce the number of steps to be taken in the kitchen. Everything will be easily accessible and convenient. Entrust this task to a designer who will provide a professional solution, tailor-made for your needs.

It should be noted that not only the correct planning but also the fittings ensure user-friendly operation of the kitchen. RIPO kitchen furniture uses only high-quality fittings from leading European manufacturers such as Blum.


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