10 benefits from choosing a lifestyle wardrobe by RIPO.

There is no doubt that a good wardrobe with properly planned design is needed in every home. Moreover, it is important to choose a wardrobe fitting your habits, wishes and space. RIPO calls them your lifestyle wardrobes.
  1. Custom design and design consultations

    Experienced RIPO designers will help you not to lose your way around and navigate across the extensive range of products. There is a solution to every customer's idea. RIPO designers give advice, present options and recommend the best solution for every customer.

  2. Tailor-made wardrobe planning.

    RIPO lifestyle wardrobes are suitable for the whole family. The design and versatile planning options of our wardrobes make them appealing to both cool youngsters and demanding adults. For example, children will definitely appreciate a wardrobe incorporating trendy motifs in the design of sliding doors.

  3. Exposition and a wide range of materials and equipment.

    RIPO offers a wide range of materials and equipment from Europe's leading manufacturers. All RIPO showrooms feature available materials, material decors, and a variety of equipment. The showroom exposition furniture displays full range of possibilities to give the customer a comprehensive insight.

  4. Surveying services.

    To guarantee accuracy, RIPO surveyors visit the customer’s place. Our experts make accurate measurements and record all the dimensions to launch the production process.

  5. Ergonomic - user friendly solution.

    Ergonomics of furniture is extremely important. A wardrobe or any other piece of furniture should serve the person/user, not the other way around. Therefore, we recommend trusting a designer who, based on your wishes, will develop a convenient solution where everything is at hand, easily accessible and in clear sight.

  6. Affordable.

    There is a misconception that custom-made furniture is expensive. The truth is that the price of furniture depends on the type and class of materials, as well as the equipment. The better or more exclusive the materials and fittings the customer chooses, the higher the price. RIPO designs furniture of different price ranges, so we invite you to find out the price of the furniture you are looking for in RIPO showrooms, letting us know the available budget so that the designer could offer the optimal solution.

  7. Technology.

    For the purposes of design, construction, development of offer, production, assembly and installation, RIPO designers, constructors and production experts use state-of-the-art software tailored specifically to RIPO products. This provides accurate and comprehensible information about the piece of furniture for both the customer and the team involved in the design process.

  8. Made in Latvia.

    RIPO Fabrika is proud to be one of the leading manufacturing companies in Latvia with more than 25 years of experience. RIPO factory ensures full-cycle furniture production. Manufacturing processes data from computer programs that design furniture orders, thus ensuring high accuracy and, of course, timely order fulfilment. For example, wardrobe production time (including on-site assembly) is up to 4 weeks.

  9. Delivery and assembly.

    RIPO also delivers furniture right up to your doorsteps, carries your furniture up the stairs and assemble every smallest detail. Forget about organizing deliveries and assembling furniture, RIPO will do it for you.

  10. Your time belongs to you!

    Ultimately, thanks to the full service offered by RIPO, the customer saves a great deal of time which can now be devoted to the customer’s interests. Trust RIPO to design and develop technical specification, customize offer, produce, deliver and carry your furniture up to your home or inside as well as assemble on site.


RIPO showrooms in Riga:

Showroom at 14 Lacplesa Street; 
Showroom at 11 Katlakalna Street;
Showroom at shopping centre Spice Home.