New materials, new opportunities!

All RIPO showrooms offer an extensive range of materials with modern and attractive decors. The existing collection of materials in RIPO showrooms is now expanded by materials from EGGER's latest collection for the implementation of your furniture projects. Just like materials in the existing collection, the new materials have been selected to suit classic, low-key and tasteful, as well as bold and expressive furniture projects.

Nowadays, guidelines in interior design trends are flexible and transformable. People focus on tastefully combining different styles, motifs, and elements. That's why EGGER material designers have included nine inspiring groups in their latest collection, reflecting the versatility of current interior design trends.

Check out the new RIPO material palette here.

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Modern Classics 

Popular classics with a modern twist

This trend brings together the best-selling wood texture decors. The texture of classic maple, cherry or oak trees is still in high-demand due to its natural and modern look. These decors are popular for long-term solutions.


Future Retro

The combination of past and future

Future you can touch! Technological development is making surprising progress. But we still remember the good old and classical values. That's why EGGER Future Retro innovatively rediscovers classics.


Pure Nature

Where authenticity is desired

Authentic wood textures are still actively sought-after elements in modern interiors. Pure Nature expressively highlights the wooden texture, preserving its character and uniqueness.


Perfect Imperfection

Perfection meets emotion

From defect to effect. This line of materials purposefully shows how natural cracks, details and elements can create a high-quality and natural material.


Light Urban

Urban Design charm

Urbanization undeniably enters the interior design. Light Urban seeks modern combinations – concrete, metal, light and neutral tones, creating a tasteful connection with the urban environment.


Black Options

The wide spectrum of black

The black is back and the black is not just black! The black path in furniture design begins with handles and metal structures or details and continues with elegant black furniture facades.


Coloured Monochrome

Colourful harmony

Inspiring materials, full of emotions and vitality, simple and harmonious interior.


Metal Fusion

Designs with technical coolness

This group includes materials made, for example, by combining the characteristics of metal and stone. These materials reflect innovation and future and give the design a technical vibe.


Matt Emotions

Seductive matt designs

Matte surfaces boost sophisticated visual appeal and are extremely pleasant when touched. This is what characterizes this group of materials.



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